Specialized and personalized
    services delivered according to
  the highest standards
in the industry.

Specialized and personalized
services delivered according to the highest standards
in the industry.

Specialized and personalized services delivered according to the highest standards in the industry.

Behind every one of our services is a constant drive for new and better ways of reaching our objectives. Not only in what we offer, but in how we attend to you: personally.



Our multidisciplinary team of experts are dedicated to delivering advice which adds value and is aligned with the goals of the group. We analyze and design strategies that go further than merely complying with the tax obligations regarding transfer pricing; our principal objective is to find the best solutions applicable to the structure of the Company, helping our clients to reach their highest potential.
At Élan Zaak we have formed a successful team of professionals, including lawyers, economists, accountants and financial experts, enabling us to provide a high-quality service and be a leader in the industry..

Transfer Pricing

Review and advisory of the transfer pricing policies applied within the business group.

Advanced Pricing

Negotiation of Advanced Pricing Agreements (APA) with tax authorities.


Elaboration of transfer pricing support documentation at local, regional and global levels, in compliance with the provisions in force in Mexico and with the OECD BEPS action plan.

Optimization of
business models

Optimization of business models:

Advisory on business restructuring and analysis for the optimization of the group’s business models.


Diagnostic evaluation of the internally prepared transfer pricing support documentation, to identify potential risks and solutions.


Advisory on Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) and transfer pricing disputes with the tax authorities.


Our team of specialists have extensive experience with valuation of intangible and tangible assets within international companies. They have participated in projects in different sectors, and have advised leading companies in their industry. Our team members are accredited with professional licenses in valuation granted by the ministry of education, making our valuations valid for tax purposes in Mexico. Equally, our members are accredited Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA), granted by the National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts (NACVA), making our valuations valid in the USA as well.

Financial Valuation

Financial Valuation

The strong local and international experience of Élan Zaak has facilitated our understanding of the convergence of financial regulations regarding valuations, in terms of business acquisition (PPA), the asset impairment of intangibles, leasing, and financial instruments. With our know-how, we support our clients to determine the valuation in accordance with the Financial Information Norms (NIF) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Intangibles Valuation

Intangibles Valuation

One of our competitive advantages is our vast experience of valuating intangibles.
Our skills in identifying, classifying and determining the value of any type of intellectual property enable us to determine the value of our client’s brands, patents, know-how, portfolio of clients, software, and rights, just to mention a few.

tangibles Valuation


Our valuation experts have participated in a wide variety of valuation projects that contemplate the determination of the value of personal property and real estate. Our approach and the business vision of our specialists result in a determination of the value according to the premises and the selected value standard.


Counting on a trustworthy advisory is fundamental when selling a business, or when growing through the acquisition of a competitor or new business line. We are aware of the importance of your assets, and you can rely on our close attention to the details. and our experience in negotiating. We also search for the best options to fundrise. Our experts are certified Merger & Acquisition Advisors (M&A Advisor), granted by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) in the USA.



Through our experience and exclusive network of companies, we find the ideal prospects for your business at competitive terms. We negotiate with international buyers in an ordered process, disclosure only the necessary and appropriate information at each step, committed to get the best value for your business.



We realize that acquisition is a very effective way to reach the growth targets established in the strategic planning of a business. We apply all our experience to analyze and design a personalized work plan, aiming for the best terms and value.



You can rely on our experience in fundraise resources for capital investment, debt restructuring, or investment in new projects through private capital, investment funds and/or private or governmental financial institutions. Our team of experts will explore the best way to obtain the resources that your strategic plan calls for.