impacto COVID

On behalf of the Élan Zaak team, we hope that you and your families are well during this sensitive situation. Due to the fact that we have experienced important changes in our daily life in a very short time, Élan Zaak adopted a series of measures to ensure the health and safety of our clients, collaborators and communities. These actions include the reduction of business trips and the reduction of face-to-face work meetings. In this way, we have migrated to a telepresence scheme so that our collaborators work from their homes, supporting the culture of flexible and remote work. We remain committed to our clients: Working with the highest quality in our projects. Fulfilling our delivery commitments. Ensuring that our IT resources enable the Élan Zaak team to provide continuous service. The partners and the professional team of Élan Zaak are available to assist you. We know that some of you and your businesses are going through a difficult time, know that at Élan Zaak we are here to support you. It is now that we must act with determination, relying on our strengths to move forward. Sincerely, The Partners of Élan Zaakras operations.